Montreal Developers: Trained to Code or Not?

Montreal has a rich history in terms of its economy and culture. Over the years, it has become a major hub for businesses and entrepreneurs. In recent years, the city's tech sector has seen significant growth, with many new startups and technology companies emerging. However, one question that continues to be debated is whether or not montreal developers are adequately trained for the job market.

There are a few schools in Montreal that offer coding and development programs. However, many of these programs are geared towards students who already have some experience in the field. For those just starting out, it can be difficult to find a program that suits their needs. Additionally, many employers prefer to hire developers who have a university degree or equivalent experience.

Montreal does have some advantages when it comes to attracting developers. The cost of living is relatively low compared to other major cities, and there is a strong community of developers and tech professionals. Additionally, the city offers a great work-life balance, with many opportunities for leisure and recreation. However, until more educational institutions begin offering comprehensive development programs, it will be difficult for Montreal to compete with other major tech hubs.

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